It doesn´t matter what kind of event you are going to, most of the time you have the same problem: You would like to order beverages in cups for a group but then you have the problem to carry all of them.

We have the perfect solution for you! ab initio Shop

The problem with the cups

Have you, as a customer from bigger organizations and events (football games, hockey, motor sports ...) ever been really annoyed after ordering beverages that there was no carrier available!

The reason doesn´t have to be a bad job done by the organizer or the catering service!

  • Mostly, next to the organization, planning and public safety from bigger events there is another problem: To take care of the garbage.

  • Nonreturnable products like cup holders made out of paper or hard cardboard are very uninteresting for sponsors because of their "short lifetime". The additional costs for purchase and depose will be added to the cost of the beverages but the customer is not willing to pay for it!

Assembling and Function

Our cup holder is one of the smallest you can purchase. It is made out of synthetic material. One handle connected to five open out holders. Through this unique process you are able to fold the cup holder together, and the result, it will be small enough to store it in your jacket pocket, purse or pants pocket.

The holder is made for the most standard cup sizes 0.2l to 0.5l. For very slim sizes or smaller cups you are able to purchase special adapters to make the diameter of the holder smaller! The material is dishwasher (household appliance) safe and you are able to print both sides of the handle in the way you would like to have it!

It is so easy to assemble
  • Place the unopened cup holder with the handle facing the palm.

  • Turn, starting with the first holder facing you, each holder counterclockwise until it clicks into place.

  • Turn the cup holder upside down. The handle is still unfolded! Now unfold the handle and secure it by using the clap which you have to pull into the capsule.

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Where can you use the cup holder?

It´s a must to have! On each folk festival, open-air concerts, as a fan in a stadium, motor-racing events as a wholesaler or an organization from catering trade service. As a "Give-away" on a convention or only for your own creative advertisement.

Hobby and Free-time

If in a stadium or an open-air concert: Everyone who ever has bought a round on a big event will like this small, little helper! Mostly, there is no carrier available and an act to bring the drinks over to your friends ends up in a disaster!

As a fan you are always on the search for something special. Create your very own cup holder without extra charge. Even in small amounts (starting at 100 pcs) your personal print will be available.

Organizer, Catering Service and Wholesalers

If you arrange an event or if you are in charge as a catering service you are not only in charge in organizing, planning or public safety, you are also responsible taking care about the garbage.

Offer the cup holder to your customer by taking a deposit or to buy it right away! Next to the events already mentioned above you can use the holder at additional events: Exercise attractions, music or traditional/culture events. Our cup holder will be an alternative next to the cup holders made out of carton. More and more customers decide to go with the environmentally friendly variation. One positive side effect if a customer has paid a deposit: They are not only returning the holder, most of the time they are returning the cups too! The result: Less garbage, if you use reusable cups. Less work for the cleaning service, you save money!

Merchandising/ Marketing

Practical, original and a perfect advertisement: It´s a must to have! Using this cup holder your advertisement will be noticed every time and everywhere where families, friends and people are together in a good mood!

It is possible to print both sides of the handle with your personal slogan. Unlike some conventional lighters or ballpoint pens which will be thrown away after a while our cup holder made out of syntactic will last for a long time and therefore your brand name, company logo or slogan will stay in mind!

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The perfect link between service and commercial sale

Your customer should be traeated as a king! Your satisfied customer is the best advertiser that you can have! Give your customer the opportunity to carry his beverages in only one hand without making them mad about the difficult act to carry the beverages without "the little helper" and raise your sale with the printed cup holder and your advertisement! Nothing is worse than a non satisfied customer!

  • Reusable

    To avoid more garbage and to lower the expenses, those are only two reasons to use our cup holder. Already, after using it 25 to 30 times, the cup holder pays, in comparison to the carton, for itself.

  • Flexibility

    Only one cup holder is usable for different cup sizes. Even, if you order coffee or soft drinks! With this "cup holder on the way to go" you are able to transport up to five cups in different sizes and shapes to your destination. You can order adapters for smaller sizes!

  • Simple and easy application

    The customer would like to transport his drinks simple and safe. Because of our unique cup holder design you are not supposed to take care about the garbage. You can fold it quickly together and store it in your pocket for the next event!

    Staff at event needs room to work quickly! The cup holder doesn´t need a lot of room and you are able to assemble it in advance. When you have to use it unfold only the handle and secure the capsule and it is ready to go!

  • Advertisement

    Use the "cup holder on the way to go", for your personal advertisement. As a Give-Away on every event you will draw somebody´s attention. People don´t take so much notice of some conventional lighters or ballpoint pens. With your personalized cup holder it is not about quantity it is more about merchandising effect and the product recognition!

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