Practically, originally, advertising-effectively: use our beverage carrier as medium for your advertisement. Because with the cup holder you are always present, where many cheerful people are together.

A genuine eye-catcher!

Catering trade, wholesale trade
Self-promotion by imprint of the service offerings

Apart from security ever more frequently also the avoidance of garbage plays a large role during the organization and planning of a meeting.

Offer our our beverage carrier as alternative to the stretcher assistance from cardboard. Pledge wise or to the direct purchase: ever more customer decide in favor of the environmentalcareful variant.

Hobby and leisure time
Also welcome as a fan article with logo

Everyone which got a couple of drinks on a large meeting will love this small aid. Hereby the transportation gets simple and safe.

As a fan one always is on the search for something special one. Arrange yourselves your completely personal cup holder without surcharge. Even in smaller numbers of items a print is possible after your conceptions. Secure yourselves this practical fan article.

Marketing & Merchandising
The special free gift of the fair.

It's hard to attract the customers' attention with a ballpoint or lighter. With this give-away the visitors get aware of you.

Since it is not thrown away contrary to ball-point pens and lighters after short time, so your company name, your logo or slogan is present for a long time.

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